The Second Fun Tournament is Done!

Laszlo Szöver was dominating the Final. He was a bit lucky of a big one after the Start. The 3-4 Cars Follower were fighting very hard, so he could escape more and more.
Nino Riepl took second, Benjamin Jörgensen came third and Nikolas Szabo also known as the F3 World Record Hot Laper came 4th. The Young Boy (10 Years) Dragos Avasilcutei completed the Top 5.



We will keep you informed about the next Plans very soon!


Keep Racing!

Drivers Briefing 17.5.2020

Fun Tournament Lime Rock Drivers Briefing
Rotax Fun Tournament Lime Rock Drivers B[...]
PDF-Dokument [437.1 KB]

Good Evening,



Please Read the Drivers Briefing!


All Infos also on the Info board!



Fun tournament Sunday 17.5.2020

Start: 13:00 CEST TIME in the tournament Section, look on the Screenshots.


120 Drivers possible.

Track: Lime Rock Classic

Car: Skip Barber


Round 1 Starts 13:00 CEST

Round 2 Starts 14:10 CEST

Final Starts         15:10 CEST



How to Join Tournament Tomorrow!


See Screenshots below!


Password will be rotax01


Lime Rock Classic Tutorial



NEWS 17.05.2020 "Fun Race How to Join!!!"

Rotax Fun Tournament PW rotax01

Step 1

Step 2

15.5.2020 News

Good Morning,


Yesterday we had some Races and some issues and questions…



Why did I get a penalty or was DQ:                       If someone has in a Race or in a Qualy to many Incidents. (more than 17 he gets a penalty; more than 25 he is DQ); iRacing is doing this automatically!

                                                                                       This is to educate people to take care of themselves and others.


Why was I removed from the Server:                   We have some Race controller and we try to give you a good Platform to drive on our Servers to have fun. It is not fun if some people crash on purpose or are not following basic rules. If you are not able to drive a 30 min practice without less than 20 incidents, it could be that you are removed from the Server, to prevent the other Drivers who want to Race.


Why I was removed from the Server in Race:     The Race Controller should help the Leaders, not to run in a crash with the Drivers who are lapped. Therefore we have to remove the Lapped drivers.

                                                                                      We have analysed the Replays from the previous Races and made the decision, that we have to remove every lapped driver in the future. This means you are not DQ and still in the results, but  for us the race will be more save…  Which leads to more fun in the end.



From now on we have a list of Banned Drivers:


When I started to organize the Virtual Racing Platform for Rotax I didn`t expect that I have to do that. I thought there will be some crashes and stupid situations, because the drivers doesn`t know it better.

But the crashes doesn`t hurt and some Drivers think they can do whatever they want. I think many people still remember the situation of the Final with Anthony Millo. He was the first guy who never will be in any races which I am organising. Since yesterday there are 2 more on that list.


So from now on there is an official List of Drivers who are banned from the Rotax Races. With this I want to have more respect and clean action on the Track.

We have many drivers who are new in Sim Racing and have still some problems to hold the car on Track. This is normal and they will get better. But if I see things on purpose, I will do a 0 tolerance politic.

I want you to behave like on the real Track.


We are the Rotax Family and I want to see nice and clean Track Action.


I can`t see everything. If you think you have seen something bad to you on purpose, feel free and send me the replay of that action.

Our Race Controllers will look at it and decide what will happen to the driver.



Today we also have 4 Races for practice:



18:00    CEST      1 Server (League Section)          P: 35 min; Q: 5 min; R: 20 min

19:00    CEST      1 Server (League Section)          P: 35 min; Q: 5 min; R: 20 min

20:00    CEST      1 Server (League Section)          P: 35 min; Q: 5 min; R: 20 min

21:00    CEST      1 Server (League Section)          P: 35 min; Q: 5 min; R: 20 min

Also this races will be watched and monitored.

Over 20 Incidents in Practice = removed from Server

Over 25 Incidents in Race = DQ

Lapped Drivers have to be removed

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1100 Wien
Telefon: +43 664 9108391



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